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About the Collection

I am a member of Vintage Card Traders (VCT) and Old Baseball Cards (OBC). I have conducted many trades over the past years and always welcome trading partners. I have enjoyed these trading groups and have personally met many traders..  I look forward to meet more as time goes by.


For the longest time many found it difficult to make a trade connection because they had no hits on my list. Therefore, I am always adding new sets to the list.  Along with Baseball lists you can find lists for Football, Basketball, Hockey, Multi Sports and Non-Sports sets - a link to all these Want List can be found in the links to your left !!! I hope that there is room for all to find a few treasures to share. I have plenty of trading stock and always look to make sure all of my trades benefit both trading parties. So take a look, contact me at the link below and LET'S TRADE!!!!!!!! 


I would like to state that the condition requirements for each of the sets that I am collecting are my ideal conditions. I accept any card in any condition that is on my list and request updates where necessary. Where updates are indicated I am a bit more sensative toward condition. If you have any questions you can always email me, I will respond ASAP.



Guys I've met!!!

I have personally met (84) traders; most recently Jay Tysver on August 11, 2018 on a recent trip to Cleveland Ohio for the National Sports Card Convention.  I have also met Joe Adriance, Anthony Arbeeny, Bob Bannon, Gerald Barnes, Brian Betza, Andy Blackwood, Geordie Calvert, Glenn Codere, Greg Conway, Andy Cook, Jim Craig, Al Cummings, John Dahms, Jeff Delott, Joe Denning, Doug DeJong, Wayne Delia, Richard Dingman, Sal Domino, Bryan Dwyer, Scott Earle, Gord Ellis, Steve Etzel, Rob Fitts, Joel Freedman, Larry Gersbach, Mark Gilmore, Rob Gioia, Joel Glickman, Spike Glidden, Kent Goto, John Scott Gray, Jim Hatch, Steve Hitzeman, Ron Hoehne, Tom Housley, Ed Hutchinson, Joe Issac, Earl Kilbourn, Richard Labs, John Leroux, Bill List, Bryan Long, Dave Luciano, Ray Luurs, Mike Mackie, Bill Malson, Gary Mandell, Kevin Martens, John McLaughlin, Peter Mead, Mark Macrae, Ken Morganti, Mike Mroz, Carl Mura, Bob Neill, Tim Newcomb, Chuck Paris, Nick Pelletier, Ron Perry, Ken Pillion, Bob Reed, Mike Rich, Steve Rittenberg, Mike Rumley-Wells, Ed Schott, Wes Sheppard, Doug Smith, John Stamper, Chris Stufflestreet, Sam Taylor, Jimi Thayer, Larry Tipton, T.J. Valacek, George Vrecheck, Geno Wagner, Marshall West, Mike Wierzbicki, Randy Wilberg, Mac Wubben, Myke Young, Matt Yudts and Larry Zurawski.  I look forward to meet more as time goes by.

My personal trading card from 15 years ago - almost VINTAGE

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( Last updated 8/23/2021)



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